Access Dots now supports permission access log and more


Yesterday, we had a new Android app with a name Access Dots In short, his mission is to bring the “access indicators” feature announced in the iOS 14 version to Android devices, in general the application today got a new update and added with it some of the required features, the most prominent of which are access logs that will display to the users the time and duration of the microphone or camera permissions.

Also, the accessibility record for open applications first, as well as the application’s understanding of devices and phones running Android version 10 and later, and across the last, access indicators will be displayed next to the applications exactly as it happened with the version of iOS 14.

Finally, the application’s staff indicated that the “bulk access points” feature that will appear as soon as any application is used for both camera and microphone permission is now planned, in conclusion. Access Dots is available for free download on the Google Play Store, and includes many customization options that need the purchase.

Download the Access Dots update.


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