Abu Dhabi International Airport receives the first Wizz Air flights from Hungary


Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: Abu Dhabi International Airport welcomed the first flights of “Low Air”, the largest low-cost, low-cost airline in central and eastern Europe, coming from Budapest, Hungary, on the first of this July.

According to a press release, this step comes to add to the company’s network of routes linking it with the capital Abu Dhabi and to provide travelers with wider options that enable them to reach Abu Dhabi as an ideal destination for business and leisure travel.

The company will continue its new flights to Abu Dhabi International Airport, where it will operate new flights from Bucharest, will be followed in September by flights coming from European cities Sofia, Katowice and Cluj-Napoca, to connect them with the capital Abu Dhabi, and provide travelers with many travel options To visit the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and learn about its distinctive tourist and leisure attractions that reflect its historical and cultural heritage

As part of its commitment to ensure the safety and welfare of travelers during their travel, Abu Dhabi Airports recently announced the launch of the “Health and Safety Ambassadors” initiative at Abu Dhabi International Airport, through which a group of specialists and trainers in this field will be provided, who will in turn support and assist travelers by answering their questions. Relating to ways to maintain their health and safety during travel, and inviting them to abide by the standards of physical spacing, and to provide them with hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment (PPESuch as face masks and hand gloves, monitoring sterilization procedures at the airport, and ensuring that procedures for tests and isolation are applied.

The provision of health and safety ambassadors at Abu Dhabi International Airport comes after the recent use of contactless control systems in elevators, in addition to the launch of “Sterrix” sterilization gates designed to sterilize people in less than three seconds. Among the procedures and precautionary measures followed at the airport, thermal monitoring cameras that rely on the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, in addition to cameras equipped with facial recognition feature, and temperature sensors to track the movement of people.

The announcement of the airline’s first flights coming from Hungary to Abu Dhabi International Airport will be announced in conjunction with taking Waze Air a new set of intensive precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of passengers and employees, as it requires all travelers on its planes and crew to wear face masks and gloves .

The aircraft are subjected daily and continuously to extensive sterilization and cleaning procedures using anti-virus sterilizers, and sterile wipes are distributed to passengers as they board the aircraft and stop providing magazines and newspapers.

Wizz Air also called on travelers to adhere to the standards of physical distance and take advantage of contactless payment techniques in the event of making purchases on the plane, in addition to completing online travel procedures that include booking their flights, check-in, baggage delivery, and the fast track to complete travel procedures and take advantage of The advantages that the company provides to its passengers in order to avoid direct contact between individuals inside the airport.


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