A Syrian citizen was killed and wounded, as a result of the development of gunfire in the city of Dinniyeh


According to press information, “A.A.” A Syrian national, injured in the head, as a result of a problem that occurred with “A.M.” During the shooting, a person was also wounded in the foot. An ambulance of the Islamic Medical Association transferred the wounded to the government hospital in Tripoli for treatment, but the first one died before arriving at the hospital.

In details, a problem and inconsistency in which knives were used occurred in the upper mountains of the forty mountains in the town of Baqasfrin, and was treated, but it was renewed in the town of Sir, at Al-Mafraq, which leads to the town of Baqasfrin, and where an individual weapon was used, which led to the death of the dead and wounded.

Units of the army and the Internal Security Forces carry out extensive raids in the towns of Qarsuna, Sir and Baqasfrin in search of the gunmen, in preparation for their arrest.


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