A small asteroid will pass near Earth .. at this time


A small asteroid will pass near Earth at this time

Today, Tuesday July 28, 2020, the Earth will witness the crossing of a newly discovered small asteroid called 2020 OE2 with a diameter of 3 meters as it moves at a speed of 12.4 km per second and will be at a distance of 38,440 km, which means that it will pass safely and there is no danger of it colliding with the Earth and will not be seen with the naked eye.

According to the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, if this asteroid were assumed to be in a collision course with Earth, it would explode above the Earth’s atmosphere and there would be no serious impact on the safety of the Earth’s inhabitants.

For comparison, in February 2013, an asteroid with a diameter of 20 meters penetrated the sky of Russia, exploded at a low altitude, and released very high energy, causing a shock wave in the sky that led to the shattering of buildings ’windows and human injuries due to flying glass. Small pieces of that space rock reach the surface of the earth in the form of stones. Meteorite.

Take advantage of such opportunities to learn more about asteroids, such as the nature of their formation. These bodies, like the time machine, from the remnants of our solar system, retain many of the secrets of that era and can tell us more about the origin of our planet.

It is noteworthy that the small asteroids that approach the Earth are likely to be affected by the Earth’s gravity, an effect called “gravitational aid” and used by space agencies to help push spacecraft to different places in our solar system.

It is worth noting that besides this asteroid there are three other asteroids whose diameters range from 13 to 29 meters will cross near the earth today as well, but from more distant distances and do not constitute any danger.

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