A “single condition” from Al-Ahly in exchange for the final abdication of Asiri to victory


Press reports revealed the refusal of Al-Ahly club management, the idea of ​​waiving the remaining period in the contract of player Abdel-Fattah Assiri, the newly-transferred to the ranks of victory.

Al-Nasr had announced his contract with Abdel-Fattah Assiri, after entering the free period with Al-Ahly, with a contract for 3 seasons, with the player wearing the number 45 shirt.

Al-Iqtisadiya newspaper stated that Al-Ahly’s administration will not give up the remainder of the Asiri contract, except for a fee of 8 million riyals, in the event that Al-Nasr wants its new club, or the player himself, to buy it.

It is worth noting that the Al-Ahly administration had decided not to file a complaint against Al-Nasr after signing Asiri, due to the Al-Nasr administration negotiating with the player before entering the free period.


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