A shocking study reveals the death of an international Italian painter 500 years ago with the same symptoms of Corona!



Personal drawing by the famous Italian artist Raphaelo

A recent study showed that the famous Italian artist Raphaelo died from a coronavirus-like illness that developed a fever after he did not tell his doctors that he was visiting his mistresses on cold nights, which led them to treat him with a blood mistake.

According to a popular account, the painter who celebrates this year 500 years after his death, died in 1520 at the age of thirty-seven from syphilis due to his affection with many women, but experts agree that he died from an infectious disease.

Medical historian Mikkeli Agosto Riva told the French news agency that the fever of the prolific painter and architect was treated by “the best doctors of Rome sent by the Pope” for fear of losing this great artist.

“The weather in March was cooler than it is now and it is very likely that he will have severe pneumonia,” he said.

Doctors diagnosed that the fever was due to an “excess in blood” and subsequently performed blood addictions, which led to the weakening and death of the artist. Raphaelo’s talent appeared early and was one of the great masters of the Renaissance, alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

“At that time, doctors were aware of the dangers of addiction in treating infectious diseases, but they acted on the wrong information,” explains Riva, who participated in the study with three colleagues at the University of Bicocca in Milan.

“A medical error and Raphaelo’s personal fault that the doctors did not know the full story contributed to his death,” he added.

The researchers prepared the short study, published this week in the “International & Emergency Medicine” magazine, before Covid-19 disease spread in northern Italy at the end of February.

“According to the information available to us, Raphaelo died from a lung disease similar to the one that we know today,” he said.

Contemporary accounts of his death show that Painter’s disease “lasted 15 days, and Raphaelo was calm during that period, and he was able to arrange his things, admit his sins and receive the sick of the sick,” according to the new study. It further indicates that the disease was severe and was characterized by strong and persistent fever.

The study states that “a recent infection with a sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis could not explain this incubation period. The episode of viral hepatitis is not possible without infection with jaundice or the absence of other indicators of liver failure. The typhus epidemic or plague was not prevalent in the city of Rome during that period “.

Source: AFP


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