A scientist who spreads confidence in extraterrestrial civilizations


Taiwan’s mysterious UFO scientist Scott Wearing, expressed his confidence in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and published “evidence” of an alien base on one of Saturn’s moons.

Planet News reports that Orange refers to a site no less than five kilometers long, on one of the photos posted on a social network blog.

And in a search for “alien life”, Waring used a special application that, with his help, discovered this mysterious site. According to him, this site is about 1.5 km wide and 4 km long, and its boundaries are clear, although the image is not very clear.

And Warring notes, NASA is trying to hide evidence that strangers exist. But agency representatives and skeptics believe that what Waring refers to is nothing but computer graphics or even some kind of sorcery and misinformation.

It is reported that Wörring has already announced many “discoveries” many times, presumably as bases for strangers or sites belonging to them. For example, at the beginning of this July, Wearing announced the discovery of the head of a strange creature with horns, etched on a rock in a valley on the surface of Mars.


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