A Saudi doctor who treated 513 patients with Krona had the same disease


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Saudi physician and health consultant, Nizar Bahbari.

The Saudi physician and consultant who treated 513 coronavirus patients, Nizar Bahbari, was transferred to a hospital in the Kingdom after suffering the same disease.

The Saudi newspaper “Okaz” reported today, Monday, that Bahbari faced the pandemic since its inception 5 months ago with medical education, and he was present step by step to give his advice to various media outlets instead of supervising the treatment of patients infected with the virus.

Bahbari told Okaz that he was in good health, but that his body temperature had not decreased for 5 days, which forced him to enter the hospital as a patient and undergo follow-up and treatment.

The Saudi doctor indicated that he had treated more than 513 people with coronavirus without transmitting the infection, but he eventually contracted it.

Saudi Arabia is the 13th country in the world in terms of the number of registered cases of the emerging coronavirus with 268,934 cases, and 28th in terms of the number of deaths from the pandemic by 2760 cases.

Source: “Okaz” + agencies


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