A robot to search for germs on Mars


On July 30, the United States is launching one of its most advanced probe, Mars, a large six-wheeled vehicle in an attempt to find evidence that actual germs were roaming the waters of the Red Planet 3 billion and a half billion years ago.
The “Perseverance” trip will last for more than six months. In the event that the robot lands on Mars without causing damage to it, it will begin a scientific exploration over several years with the aim of taking dozens of rock samples and preserving them to be transported by another robot in the future to Earth.
The “Presence” leaves four ancient American probes that, since the end of the 1990s, thanks to satellites and fixed robots, have transformed Mars’s human knowledge by providing evidence that the Red Planet has not always been dry and cold as it is now.
“It is one of two tasks that we have worked hard to ensure that it is launched, and Earth and Mars are on the same side of the Sun every 26 months, which is a favorable opportunity that should not be missed,” said Jim Braindstein, NASA President.


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