A rare disease has prevented the 28-year-old from going out during the day 20 years ago


A young Moroccan woman named Fatima Al-Ghazzawi suffers from a very rare disease that forces her to wear a mask close to the shape of that which astronauts put on their heads in order to protect the skin of her face from the influence of sunlight.A British Daily Mail report said in this context that the 28-year-old girl suffers from a rare skin disease known as “Theoderma Pigmentum.”

He noted that it is a genetic disorder caused by the body’s inability to repair DNA damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. He pointed out that the girl had not gone out of her house during the day in 20 years without wearing a helmet and gloves.

She was quoted as saying: “My day is different from the day of others as it starts at night while I spend the daylight hours indoors.” She stated, however, that she suffers from burns, thick freckles, dryness and aging of the skin.

She added that she was diagnosed with this disease when she was in her second year and she continued that this led her to stop going to school at the age of 13 with the indication that it is difficult to treat the disease and that she underwent about 55 surgeries in order to rid her skin of the effects of damage, especially in The areas around the eyes, nose, tongue and head.

From behind Khadetha, she sent a message to readers saying: “You have to live every day as if it were the last in your life, regardless of what happens. Life is short, so we must live it fully.”


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