A rare astronomical event Sunday. Watching 5 planets with the naked eye


On Sunday, the world is witnessing a rare astronomical phenomenon, where it will be possible to see 5 planets simultaneously.

The planets “Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn” will be visible to the naked eye 45 minutes before sunrise, in the northern and southern hemispheres.

According to experts, it is expected to appear with the crescent moon in the sky, and can be seen without the need for a telescope, according to the American newspaper “Popularmechanics”.

Dr. Geoffrey Hunt, professor of astronomy, said in a blog post, that the five planets and the crescent will be visible to the naked eye at one time 45 minutes before sunrise.

“For a good view, it is preferable to find a place that provides a clear view of the east, northwest and southwest,” he added.

Mars will be visible in the southeastern horizon, and Venus will glow in the eastern sky, and Jupiter will be to the right of the moon, which will be very low in the northeast.


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