A Qatari intelligence officer involved with Mortada Mansour


Agencies (Echo):

Egyptian club Zamalek head Mortada Mansour revealed that he received a message from a Qatari intelligence officer called “Abu Sunaida”, in which he claims that he succeeded in obtaining a program through which he adjusts the sound frequencies so that they are close to his voice.

Murtada Mansour said, in a statement: “Abu Sunaidah, through his pseudonyms in Egypt, published a false, fabricated audio recording in which some people were offended to cause sedition.”

He added: “The Qatari officer failed and did not succeed in imitating the voice, a filthy hero and you were exposed to public opinion to know your stupidity.”

It is noteworthy that the pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip attributed to Morteza Mansour, insulting Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of the Egyptian Al-Ahly club and player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, “Kahraba”.


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