A precedent in the US Army .. Her heroine is a female soldier


For the first time, a female soldier has graduated from a US elite special forces course and will join one of the so-called Green Berets teams, at the end of a years-long campaign to transfer women to frontline combat positions in the US Army.The unidentified woman is one of 3 female soldiers who attended the Army Special Forces Qualification Course in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

On Thursday, she graduated with a green beret, along with about 400 other soldiers.

Defense Ministry officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss personnel matters, confirmed that she is a member of the National Guard forces.Lieutenant-General Fran Bodet, commander of the Army’s Special Operations Command, presided over the ceremony and managed for the first time to say that “our men and women of green hats will forever stand in the hearts of free men everywhere.”

“From here, you will go ahead and join the seasoned formation of green hats where you will do what you’ve trained in: challenging assumptions, breaking down barriers, breaking down stereotypes, innovating, and achieving the impossible,” he said.

The army does not reveal the identities of its special forces personnel, nor does it reveal the group of special forces they join.

The number of green-haired forces exceeds 6,700, and they are highly trained commandos, who usually work in teams of 12.

They are often used for specialized combat operations, to combat terrorism, and to train forces of other countries in combat skills, and many of them work with Afghan forces fighting the Taliban or training forces in as many as 60 countries.


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