A new feature from Google Maps revolutionizes the world of traffic


Google is considering adding a new feature to its maps application, it detects the locations of traffic lights on roads to ensure that traffic violations are avoided, and vehicle owners incur heavy losses.

And the company “Google” began testing a new feature within its famous application “Google Maps”, which researchers confirm that it is inspired by the latest upgrade of Apple Maps on its smartphones “iPhone”.

Google is testing the ability to show the location of traffic lights on its maps, and traffic lights will be displayed within the main application as well as when following the step-by-step navigation, Apple introduced this feature in its redesigned maps last year.

This feature was part of a comprehensive development of Apple Maps, which provided more detailed maps from Google across the United States, and when iOS 14 is introduced to iPhone owners around the world this fall, it will display accurate maps of the UK and Canada for the first time.

Apple has included bookmarks icons in addition to traffic lights, and there is no indication that Google is looking to repeat this so far, according to the British Express newspaper.

Specialists emphasized that the ability to detect traffic lights on the map in advance is a useful feature, to prepare for speed reduction before reaching it, and to determine the best route on the road based on the number of traffic lights on the road, and thus avoid traffic violations.

Google Maps cannot display the current status of the traffic lights, but Google Maps and Apple may be able to determine this using 5G networks in the future.


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