A new “Corona” case at the Lebanese University


The Lebanese University Students Association announced via Twitter that a new Corona case has been registered in the Lebanese University College of Health – Hadath Complex.She asked: “What is the university administration waiting for to amend its irresponsible decision?”

She said: “With the increase in the number of injuries and the tendency to return to general mobilization, the Lebanese University administration will have to suspend the exams sooner or later.”

She asked, “Why does the administration not limit the repercussions of its disastrous decision and suspend taking the exams voluntarily and quickly, before forcing students to attend colleges in large numbers and mix with tomorrow?”

It is reported that in a previous case, a case of corona was recorded at the Lebanese University College of Health – Hadath Complex last Wednesday, and the university president, Dr. Fouad Ayoub, announced important measures to avoid recording new infections with the virus.


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