A new book talks about the reasons why Prince Harry and his wife are away from the royal family


A book without the participation of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stated that these last two who were “lonely” and “subject to pressure” tried to place Queen Elizabeth II in a picture of their status before deciding to withdraw from the royal family in January.

Prince Harry VI, in arranging the succession to the British throne and his wife, Meghan Markle, said through their spokesperson that they did not contribute to the book “Vending Freedom” issued on August 11, and the Times published excerpts of it on Saturday.

However, the couple’s friends spoke to the authors of the book Umed Scooby and Caroline Durand.

In their book, which tends to support the position of the couple, the authors emphasized that Prince Harry, 35, was the driving force behind the decision to withdraw from the royal family while many British popular newspapers held the 38-year-old former American actress responsible.

The authors hope their work will “correct” the narration about this event as they deal with “psychological fatigue” for the couple who are now staying in Los Angeles with their son Archie, describing them as “lonely” and “vulnerable to pressure” inside the royal palace.

“They could count on only a small handful of people in the palace. Outside this small core, no information was safe,” the book says.

They reported that many newspaper leaks were the work of employees who had no hesitation friends with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as “snakes”.

In their book, Scooby and Durand said that Harry sent an email to Queen Elizabeth II and to his father, Prince Charles, to inform them of his intention to stay away from royal duties and spend more time abroad. He did not go into the details in the letter “for fear of a leak,” preferring to talk to them directly about what was stated in the book.

He added, “Despite the many reminders of his father’s agencies” charged with organizing the official dates with the Queen in early January, no meeting was organized, which led to the shocking announcement on January 8, which was strongly criticized by the British newspapers because the couple did not inform the Queen about it.


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