A new Android app that detects spying on other apps


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A new application on Android reveals the spying of other applications, today Sunday 26 July 2020 06:04 pm

24 news site
Fans of Android devices who want to crack down on privacy issues can download a free app from Google Play Store that allows them to know when other apps spy on them. During the past years, a number of Android applications have been discovered that operate the microphone without the user’s knowledge, and in 2018 a report indicated that at least 250 applications do so.Google has taken steps to ease users’ privacy concerns, such as applying better permissions and features within the operating system, to curtail the hidden use of the microphone or camera.

But if you want to achieve more security, you can download the Access Dots app that tells you which apps are spying on you, and is designed for users who are concerned about what third-party apps they have installed on their Android devices may do without feeling it.

The application uses a simple notification system to inform the user about espionage cases, where a green dot appears on the screen when an application accesses the camera, while an orange dot appears when the microphone is turned on.

This application adds the same security feature announced by Apple and will be included in the operating system ios14 and this feature will be added to iPhones upon the release of the new system expected next September, according to the British Express newspaper.


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