A horrific mysterious crime that rocked Saudi Arabia, in which 5 people from one family were killed by knife



A mysterious crime that killed 5 people from one family who died in the Saudi knife, was shocked, especially after witnesses reported the absence of parents from the home at the time of the crime in the town of Al-Shu’bah in Al-Ahsa.

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Yesterday’s ninth news bulletin on mbc channel presented the full story with the journalist Awad Al-Fayyad, where one of the families explained that the town witnessed the killing of four girls, the oldest of whom is 22 years old, and the youngest of them in the primary stage, in addition to their older brother.

Another witness explained that the hideous crime occurred almost before the Maghrib prayer, indicating that the neighbors had never heard of it, and were surprised by the presence of the security patrols!

A resident of the town confirmed that the crime shook their entity, and the people were filled with indescribable horror and grief!

Despite speculation about the identity of the perpetrator, the security authorities have intensified their investigations since yesterday evening, while the accusations revolve around the brother of the victims, who also committed suicide!

It is reported that the town of Al-Shu`bah in Al-Ahsa was traumatized in February of last year, 2019, by killing a child!

The assistant spokesperson for the Eastern Province Police, Captain Mohammed Al-Dreham, stated that the security authorities in Al-Ahsa Governorate have begun reporting on the death of a young man and four girls from one family, in their house in the village of the division (between the ages of 14 and 19 years), after their father found them and they died, in suspicion. Criminal.

He pointed out that the legal procedures have been completed to investigate the case and reveal its circumstances.

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