A historic ruling by Apple exempting it from paying $ 15 billion in taxes to Ireland


“Apple” won a lawsuit, on Wednesday, regarding the company’s dispute with the European Commission, which asked it to pay 13 billion euros (14.9 billion dollars) of taxes due to Ireland, and according to the “CNBC” network, the historical ruling, which was expected, was issued by The General Court of the European Union, stipulated that the European Commission did not succeed in proving the distinction of “Apple” by the Irish government with special preferential treatment.

And, according to what was published on the website of the Russian news agency “Sputnik”, the commission, the executive arm of the European Union, concluded in August 2016 that the Irish government granted “Apple” illegal tax benefits and ordered it to recover 13 billion euros.

At that time, the Commission said, Ireland had enabled Apple to pay “much lower taxes than other companies over many years”, which means that it allowed the American company to pay a 1% tax rate on its European profits in 2003, which fell to 0.005 % In 2014.

The Irish government and “Apple” decided to appeal the commission’s decision, saying that the matter of paying taxes “defies reality and logic”, before Ireland, Apple and the European Commission are now two months to decide whether they want to appeal the recent court ruling, and perhaps refer it to the highest court in European Union.


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