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The famous Kuwaiti actress, Samoud Al-Kandari, shocked everyone by announcing the decision to suddenly withdraw from acting, but she left the door open in the long run, indicating that she will move away from acting this year and the next, and perhaps in the coming years.
She said in a video posted on her account on a social networking site, and activists circulated on many pages, that this decision came due to her desire to devote himself to some important things in her life, and she said: “The coming years will disappear and move away from participating in dramas as an actress and this decision I do not talk about For the first time, during more than one program, I spoke about my desire to stay away, because I have many things I want to devote to them. ”
Al-Kandari added, that she was satisfied with the past years during which she presented a large group of successful dramas and that she will remember all these works as well as her wide audience, which she considers her biggest gains in her years of work in the artistic field, and she said: “From 2007 until this year 2020 And I work in this field and my Republic is the most important gains that I achieved during my career, and I consider my years of work to be the best and most beautiful years of my life, and I wish I would be a light person on the hearts of the public in the last period. ”

Samoud Al-Kandari, on the reason for moving away from acting, said that she has a feeling that the time for this period is annoying at the public level.

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