A famous artist exposes the artist


Judicial conflict is still raging between the American artist Johnny Depp and his star, the artist Amber Hurd, especially after they exchanged accusations and Amber’s allegations of being beaten, insulted and abused by Johnny, which caused the American star to reveal other unknown details.Today, Monday, Johnny and Amber attended a session in the Supreme Court in London to start a defamation trial brought by the American star against several newspapers, the most prominent of which was the British “The Sun”, which published an article claiming to harm Amber, beating and abuse.

According to the British newspaper Mirror, Johnny (57 years old) exposed the secret behind the decision to divorce him from Amber (32 years old), and said that he made the decision after Amber eliminated her need on his bed !.

“Johnny was eventually forced to end the relationship because of Amber and her friends behavior after her birthday party in their apartment in April 2016,” said Johnny’s legal team.

During the session today, Johnny said that he decided to divorce from Amber after she spent her need on their mattress, which she described as “flipping and a harmless joke”, and he said that it was claimed that their little dog was the one who did this.

Johnny also explained: “The next morning after the Christmas party, I found that Amber had spent her need on our mattress. On May 12, 2016, Amber admitted to our real estate manager Kevin Murphy, that it was a harmless joke, and so she had already admitted that it was Responsible, while previously blaming the dog. ”

In response to Amber’s claim that the dog was the one to do so, the American star indicated that their dog was too small to be able to jump on the bed or leave “droppings of this size” and added: “On that day, I decided to divorce from Amber.”

Despite the documents and the reported admission of the matter, Amber claimed that Junpe had arrived at the end of the ceremony and was “drunk and distracted”, and also claimed that he attacked and assaulted her after the guests left.

Besides revealing the cause of the traumatic divorce and denying Amber’s allegations, Johnny also said during the session that Amber punched him in the face more than once while they were on a private plane in 2014 and also said that she punched him again as he escaped to the bathroom.


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