A drug that reduces 79% the possibility of taking acute coronary infection


Samples in a medical laboratory in Maryland on March 20, 2020 afp_tickers

This content was published on July 20 2020 – 13:02 July,

(French Press Agency AFP)
Preliminary results from tests conducted on a drug called “SNG001” showed that this drug, which is manufactured by the British company, “Sinirgen”, reduces 79 percent of the possibility of taking infection with the new Corona virus in severe form.

This inhalation treatment is based on the natural “interferon beta” protein, which is involved in the body’s resistance to the virus.

The study conducted by the University of Southampton on one hundred patients and patients showed that those who were treated with this drug were 79 percent less likely than others who received a placebo for severe forms of the disease, i.e. those fatal or that required the development of a patient’s artificial respiratory system.

Also, it was found that patients treated with SNG001 had twice the chances of recovery from those receiving a placebo.

Three of the patients (6 in per year) who received placebo died, while no deaths were reported among those treated with SNJ001.

These results could constitute “significant progress,” said Richard Marsden, General Manager of “Signgen”.

These conclusions may be a major advance in the treatment of the Corona virus, although the study was conducted on a relatively limited sample and was not evaluated by an audit committee.

The director of this study, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Southampton University, Professor Tom Wilkinson said in a statement, “These results confirm our conviction that there are great potentials for the interferon beta protein as an inhalation treatment to revive the immune resistance of the lungs, through improving protection, accelerating recovery and counteracting the effects of the SARS-Cove virus – 2 “.

As for the co-founder of the company, Professor Stephen Holgate, he stressed that this treatment “revives the ability of the lungs to neutralize the effect of the virus or any transformation in it or any inflammation that is involved in any other virus, such as influenza and the virus + Vrs +, as it can happen in the winter in the event of a return Covid-19 Impression.

So far, one drug that has been shown to rescue Covid-19 patients is dexamethasone. Another antiviral treatment, Ramsdevir, allows to reduce hospitalization, but does not reduce deaths.


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