A device that detects corona in the air and surfaces within seconds


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Researchers at Northeastern University have developed a device that can detect the Covid 19 virus in the air and on surfaces within seconds.

The device consists of a chemical gas sensor, capable of detecting bacterial and viral particles suspended in the air, including SARS Cove-2, causing Covid-19, according to a study published by Nian Sun, device designer and professor of electrical and computer engineering, at the University of North website Eastern, Massachusetts.

It is known that the detection of the PCR virus is considered slow due to logistical restrictions and given the frequency with which the virus spreads, unlike the new device that can change the rules of the game, through its ability to analyze the exhalation of patients accurately and immediately, says Sun.

The device uses electrochemical sensors consisting of a special material, which has cavities in the same shape and size as the proteins that cover the emerging corona virus.

Sensors pick up particles from the air, and when the substance interacts with virus proteins, electrical signals are sent that indicate the presence of the virus.

According to Sun, the device is highly sensitive and accurate in detecting the virus, in a manner similar to the PCR examination used to detect SARS Cove-2, but it is much faster, and the result is obtained remotely and automatically.

In cooperation with Jeremy Le Pen, professor at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, Sun is working with the medical community to test his device and obtain emergency permission from the US Food and Drug Administration, to use it in various locations.

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