A comet will shine above the earth for weeks, and we will never see him again 6800 years ago


The astronomer awaits the passage of the newly discovered comet, to present a stunning light show, for about a month, an opportunity that will not be repeated until after 6,800 years, so what are the characteristics of this new comet, which may See him decorating our sky soon?

NASA’s “New Ways” telescope discovered the new comet last March and saw the same name. Scientists involved in the mission said that the comet’s width is about 5 kilometers, and its nuclei are covered with a sooty substance dating back to the origin of our solar system before 4.6 billion years.

The comet, “New Wise” from the sun, led to the burning of dust and gas surrounding its surface and the appearance of a tail larger than the wreckage, and is on its way to us now, as it will reach the closest point to the earth after two weeks.

And already to sinners.

Others this year, that showed promising signs of a brilliant appearance in the sky, but their rays faded later, and according to astronomers, “New Wise” will be the most prominent culprit this year, and will compensate for the failures of other comets.

When can be seen in the sky?

Seeing the New Wise comet represents a historic opportunity that will not be repeated for us to see, as it will not return to our inner solar system until after 6800 years.

Currently, it can only be seen in the early morning an hour or two before sunrise in the northeastern sky.

This may mean waking up at 4 am local time to see it, before the comet disappears in broad daylight.

“From mid-July onwards, it is best to see it as an evening object, which is increasingly rising over the northwestern horizon,” NASA said.

She added: “The closest approach to it will be from Earth on July 22, at a distance of about 103 million km, for comparison, because the sun is about 150 million km from Earth.”


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