A “cleric” spends dollars “to evade US sanctions”!


He wore a cleric and wore a black turban and moved with his companions to catch their victims. The plan was to persuade the victim to narrate that “they have a quantity of dollars that they want to spend at a price lower than the black market price in order to get rid of the American sanctions.

And there was information available to the Lebanese Army Intelligence Directorate about the defendants “YH”, “HH”, “ME” and “QF” to seize the funds of others by making them sell the dollar for less than the price Trader in the exchange market.Accordingly, the aforementioned defendants were tracked after they contacted one of the persons and began dating him in a restaurant in the Sarba-Jounieh area. The four comrades moved from the Baalbek region on a rubble car and went to the aforementioned restaurant. He first entered “P.M.”, dressed as a cleric and a black turban, and sat with one of the persons, while the defendants entered the rest of the defendants separately and sat at a table next to observe The progress of the operation, before everyone was arrested and a pistol in possession of “AS” was seized.

During the investigation, they confessed to the people’s illusion that “they possess large sums of cash in dollars, and that because they are subject to US sanctions they cannot dispose of them, and they are willing to sell them at a price lower than the market price or exchange them against bank checks, and that“ P.H. ”was wearing a costume A cleric to persuade clients of his prestige and style. “The investigating judge in Mount Lebanon considered in his decision my belief that the four defendants, through fraudulent maneuvers, seized the funds of others, by deluding some people with a fictitious project that focused on selling them dollars at a price lower than the price in the market, and that their actions applied to the crime of fraud As stipulated in Article 655 of the Penal Code, the defendant, “P.H.”, assumed that the position of a cleric was impersonated, and that a false registration statement (belonging to his brother) was used to facilitate his fraudulent actions and referred them to the single criminal judge in Keserwan for trial.


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