5 Pharaohs in the English country .. full Egyptian League for the first time


Egyptian international Ahmed Hegazy managed to lead West Bromwich Albion to return to the English Premier League after tying with his guest Queen Park Rangers 2-2, on Wednesday evening, in the last round of the Championship championship.

West Bromwich Dejana scored in the 44th minute, and Calum Robinson in the 50th minute, Vika scored for Queen’s Park Manning in the 34th minute, and Eze in the 61st minute.

Hejazi will become the fifth Egyptian player in the Premier League next season, after playing 16 games with West Bromwich, during which he scored a single goal.

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With this tie, West Bromwich finished his season in second place with 83 points, to join leaders Leeds United and qualify directly for the Premier League, and benefited from Brentford fall at the same time, by his guest Barnsley 2-1, whose victory came in the deadly time by 91 minutes, to stop his balance At 81 points, he fails to overtake West Bromwich, and is forced to run a qualifying supplement for Premier League after finishing third in the table.

Ahmed Hegazy had previously appeared in the Premier League 3 years ago, but he was denied the opportunity to continue for more than one season in the competition after his team fell to the lowest degree.

The Championship competition returned after a long hiatus, which lasted for more than 3 months, specifically since mid-March, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging.


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