4 viruses eliminated by Saudi Arabia .. Haj 2020 without corona – Saudi News


Major health challenges that the Kingdom has overcome in the previous pilgrimage seasons, and Saudi expertise has succeeded in achieving important and significant moves in combating viruses and diseases and preventing infection. This year’s pilgrimage coincides with the global pandemic, which requires strict procedures, measures and protocols. Previously, 2003 witnessed the spread of Virus SARS, which worried the world with its movement between continents, and this coincided with the pilgrimage season at that time, so Saudi efforts would unite and its various devices unite to make the 2003 pilgrimage a record success. , So that pilgrims return to their countries without any case of HIV being recorded.The year 2005 witnessed the spread of bird flu in the world, and warnings were launched from its danger to announce its readiness to establish a pilgrimage ritual based on the experiences and capabilities it possesses to become a successful pilgrimage season, followed in 2009 by the appearance of swine flu and accompanied by warnings about the possibility of an outbreak in the pilgrimage season, which witnessed the management of no Unparalleled for the crowds, equipping medical and health facilities, mobilizing energies and raising readiness to announce a successful season with no casualties among pilgrims with the epidemic.

And continued the great challenges faced by the Kingdom in 2012 after the emergence of a new strain of corona viruses known as (MERS) and was a new challenge to Saudi capabilities that ended in a successful season praised by the whole world.

As for the new challenge in 2020, it was the largest, and the countries of the world faced it by closing its borders and imposing a curfew to announce the establishment of the Hajj Rite in limited numbers and in a package of health and security measures and protocols to preserve the health of the guests of Rahman, which was recorded by proactive measures that began with selecting a center for pilgrims dependent on health capabilities and ages Which can pilgrimage, and continues the initial success by receiving the first batch of the guests of Rahman who are subject to health isolation with detection by swabs and also applied to all workers to ensure that they are not infected with Covid-19 virus, which is the most virulent virus among viruses.


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