3 recommendations at the conclusion of the International Women and Sports Forum – All Games


Dubai Sports Council organized yesterday morning the activities of the International Forum for Women’s Sports, which was held under the slogan “The future of women’s sport in light of the current challenges”, and a number of local and international women’s sporting leaderships and a number of professional athletes participated in various sports.

The forum resulted in three recommendations made by Fawzia Faridoon, Director of the Women’s Sports Development Department at Dubai Sports Council, after the conclusion of the international forum’s sessions, as follows:

First: Working to provide a safe environment for women to practice sports in accordance with the atmosphere and procedures fortified for them from the challenges that they may face now and in the future, and guarantees their best participation within the controls of international sports federations and organizations.

Second: Encouraging and urging Arab heroines to continue training and participating in the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, and to provide all means of joint cooperation to continue achieving the achievements of Arab women.

Third: Emphasizing the position and leadership of women, which was embodied by the membership of the International Olympic Committee for 3 women in the meeting of the International Olympic Committee a few days ago, and working to empower Arab women leaders to chair and membership sports organizations at all levels.


Sheikha Naima Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Chair of the Organizing Committee for Women’s Sports in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States, praised the UAE’s role in caring for and empowering women and developing women’s sport, as the entire Arab world touched the advanced level achieved by Emirati women’s sport, thanks to the support of rational leadership and the great efforts that it makes Sports councils and women’s committees in each emirate.

Sheikha Shamsa bint Hasher Al Maktoum, a member of the board of directors of the UAE Volleyball Federation and a member of the board of directors of Al Wasl Sports Club in Dubai, said: “Emirati women have experience in sport and the results are tangible locally and in the Arab world, and when the pandemic prevailed as a delegate 19 over the world we noticed a decline in results, techniques and fitness, This is prevalent in all countries of the world because of the lack of participation in competitions and training, but in the UAE we have a rational government that has a vision and puts plans and follows up on implementation and is keen on the health, safety and level of everyone in the country ».


Nada Askar Al-Naqbi, Director General of Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation, said: “Despite the circumstances and challenges of this stage, which we call the term grant, not distress, through which we learned how to overcome it and turn it into beneficial initiatives, including for this conference that brings us together today, and faced an institution Sharjah Women’s Sport pandemic (Corona – Covid 19) pandemic with many activities and initiatives, so the quarantine time was an opportunity to achieve many achievements, and with talk about the future of women’s sport and challenges, a greater effort is required from governmental and even private institutions in support of women’s sport programs and enhancing their presence The distinguished at the local, regional and international levels, and here we can say that one of the most important roles of sports institutions is the support of women in the sports field, which leads them to honor platforms, and there is no doubt that the changes that have occurred in the global sports arena as a result of the epidemic imposes the need for initiatives that enhance The presence of remote sports, virtual meetings and gatherings, which were not taken into account before, and the sport of women needs to continuously enhance their culture and intensify tournaments and competitions in games. Friendly and collective.


Moza Ibrahim Al-Akraf Al-Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development in the Emirates, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic affected the sports sector in the whole world, as losses in American sport alone were estimated at about 12 billion dollars during the previous period, but on the level of individual sport, the Corona crisis contributed to raising Awareness of sports culture, and everyone became interested in his physical health, and exercising more intensively than before, and searching for the best health practices for all family members ».

Laura Stephanie George, Secretary General of the French Football Federation and the former French national footballer, said: “The impact of Covid 19 in the beginning was strange to us and to the players. Circumstances, and after studying the matter carefully, we started the gradual return, where we started with the Sunni stages with the application of some precautionary measures, then gradually we moved to the youth and the first teams, and I stress the necessity of investing in women and that women and men work with each other to develop the sports movement, and the matter is not limited to only one side “Investing in women means investing in the whole family.”


The forum included four sessions held on the Zoom communication program, during which a number of important issues related to women’s sport were discussed under the current circumstances, where the first session discussed the impact of the Corona pandemic on the sport of women and society, while the second session carried the title of the future of women’s sport in light of the current challenges, The third session dealt with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the performance of female players, while the fourth session reviewed the topic of the role of institutions in supporting future women’s sports programs.



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