3 major sectors lead the Saudi stock market to rise


RIYADH – Mubasher: The general index of the Saudi stock market ended the trading session today, Thursday, driven by the positive performance of three leading sectors: banks, basic materials and energy.

In conclusion, the performance of the general index of the market, “Tasi”, rose by 0.3% to the level of 7416.67 points, to win about 22.41 points.

And they were dealing on 6 billion riyals, through trading on 314.261 million shares distributed over 285.748 thousand transactions.

The performance of the banking sector increased by 0.28%, the performance of the basic materials sector increased by 0.25%, and the energy sector’s gains strengthened the market gains, increasing by 0.19%.

On the other hand, the performance of the leading telecommunications sector declined by 0.32%.

Shares topped the rises of Shams by about 9.95%, followed by loyalty shares by 9.89%, and Shaker’s performance increased by 6.18%.

On the other hand, Banyan Reet shares declined by 3.15%, followed by Enaya share by 2.81%, and Gulf Union by 2.69%.

Shares were issued by Dar Al-Arkan about 37.32 million shares, at a value of 271.530 million riyals.

Regarding the performance of the parallel market, “Nomu”, it recorded a decline of 0.35% to the level of 8329 points, losing about 29.52 points.

The highs were led by HH, with a share of 1.05%, followed by Al-Samaani, by 0.41%.

On the other hand, Al-Omran shares declined by 1.19%, followed by Food Development at 0.66%.

The general index of the Saudi stock market ended the trading session today, Wednesday, on a marginal decline, after a rise that continued for five consecutive sessions by 0.08% to the level of 7394.26 points, losing about 6.27 points.


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