3 Information about the case of insulting the arrested pilot, Ramadan Ramadan, after appealing his sentence of imprisonment


After determining the court of misdemeanor of the Dokki appellant, the session of next September 16, for consideration of the artist Muhammad Ramadan, he appealed the sentence against him to one year imprisonment on the background of his accusation of insulting and slandering the pilot Abu al-Yusr, issued by the Court of Misdemeanor of Dokki, and “the seventh day” clarifies in the following points the most important 3 information On the issue of insulting and slandering the pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

– Lawyer Magdy Helmy, filed a lawsuit against the artist Mohamed Ramadan, for publishing videos exploiting the Internet in a way that directs the public and public opinion to prejudice and offend the reputation, honor and prestige of the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, and that he claimed him by claiming him an amount of 9 and a half million, and mocking him while filming one of his works Inside a hospital.

– The Dokki Misdemeanor Court issued a ruling late last Thursday evening, to imprison the artist Mohamed Ramadan for a year and to ensure 10 thousand pounds and a fine of 20 thousand pounds; In his accusation of posting videos on the “Internet” site that harms and insults the pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, known medialy as the “arrested pilot.”

– Ahmed Al-Jundi, the lawyer and deputy of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, lodged an appeal, after paying the sum of the financial guarantee estimated by the court at 10 thousand pounds.


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