14 koruna injuries on board the upcoming flights to Beirut on July 24


The Ministry of Public Health announced the second batch of the results of the PCR examinations for the upcoming trips to Beirut that were conducted at the airport, on July 23, 2020, in addition to the first batch of the July 24 exams; The results showed that there are fourteen (14) positive cases.

The second batch of the results of the July 23 exams came as follows:

Cairo Trip: Egyptian Company No. 711 (one positive case)
London Trip: MEA No. 202 (all negative)
Baghdad trip: MEA No. 323 (three positive cases)
Larnaca flight: MEA No. 262 (all negative)
Dubai Journey: FZ No. 159 (all negative)
Tehran flight: W5 No. 1152 (all negative)
Athena Flight: MEA No. 252 (all negative)
Baghdad Trip: Iraqi Company No. 131 (eight positive cases)
Damascus Tour: RB No. 181 (all negative)
Cairo Trip: MEA No. 305 (Positive Case)

The first batch of July 24 examinations were as follows:
Cairo Trip: MEA No. 305 (all negative)
Frankfurt flight: MEA No. 218 (all negative)
Dusseldorf Journey: SR 1484 (all negative)
Dubai Trip: MEA No. 429 (all negative)
Abu Dhabi flight: MEA No. 419 (all negative)
Paris Journey: TO 3980 (all negative)
Istanbul flight: MEA No. 266 (all negative)
Dubai Trip: UAE Company No. 957 (one positive case)
Istanbul Flight: Pegasus No. 756 (all negative)
Doha flight: Qatari company No. 418 (all negative)
Egypt Tour: Egyptian Company No. 713 (all negative)
Addis Ababa Flight: Ethiopian Company No. 406 (all negative).


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