10 months with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: stand over the rest


One of the great things about mobile coverage is the opportunity to get hands-on training on many of the latest and greatest smartphones. Over the past year, there have actually been some great mid-range and high-end options from Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, TCL, Motorola, LG and Google as I have read about them in my various reviews.

Regular readers know that I am a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note font, and the Note 10 Plus has definitely improved over the past ten months, with the Android 10 update, the Samsung OneUI improvement, and the addition of new features recently launched on the Galaxy S20 series. The Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition is my current daily engine, and it will likely stay that way until I have the chance to try Note 20, or whatever Samsung will call it.

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While the Note 10 Plus is currently ranked fourth in the list of top 10 smartphones, this is mainly because 5G is listed in the top three phones. Since most of us are in a three-month ban and just getting back to work, 5G wasn’t that important with Wi-Fi on for most Americans. This may change later this year and in 2021, but we’ll definitely see 5G in the next series of remarks rumored to start in August.

Looking back over the past ten months, here are some reasons why I can’t put out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

  1. S PenS Pen has long been the main favorite of note lovers and I use it daily for easy navigation and text entry, hover over email to preview content, memos off, fun browsing with swipe, fun personal live messages, fast zoom in, and more. Others, like LG, support the use of a stylus, but there is no other option like the Note series.
  2. The cameras: The Galaxy Note 10 Plus does not have the new Super Zoom lens that appears on the S20 Ultra, but it has a tried and true dual aperture setting with telephoto and wide angle lenses and ToF. It takes great macro shots and I prefer the ease of use and results of the Note 10 Plus on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Note 10 Plus also now has a great take-off job for the first time in the S20 series.
  3. Edge panels: Once set up a few Edge panels, it dramatically increases your phone’s efficiency in one of the best ways to run dual-screen apps, quickly communicate with key contacts and more. I have five Edge panels and use them regularly throughout the day.
  4. Powershare wireless: I have used this many times to unlock the charger on Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s a feature on Samsung and Huawei phones that not think much of much of it, but the delicate features like these make the Note 10 Plus gorgeous complete package.
  5. Samsung DeX: People use their smartphones for everything, and with improvements in Samsung DeX (see our full executive guide), the fact that your phone is used as your only computer is about to come true. DeX docking station is no longer required, so all you have to do is connect an HDMI cable. The experience is improved on previous Samsung devices, and there are very few restrictions to get the job done. A few months ago I bought NexDock 2 and I can now enjoy the DeX experience on the go.
  6. Internal storage base of 256 GBNote: Plus 10 has a microSD card for expandable storage, but even if you never use it, the 256GB internal storage is something to appreciate. Apple still launches its 64GB flagship phones and charges additional for additional capacity.

The more you use Note 10 Plus, the more excited you are about the next Samsung Galaxy Note prospects we will likely see in August.

The new Galaxy S20 series outperforms the Note 10 Plus with support for 5G screens and a high refresh rate. I can see the difference between the 60Hz display on the Note 10 Plus and the 120Hz display on the S20 Ultra, but everything else I like about the Note 10 Plus outperforms the screen.

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