We are with the right to demonstrate, not with blocking roads and sabotaging public and private property


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Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab confirmed during the cabinet session:

Since the first day of the formation of the government, it has been targeted and judged in advance. Unfortunately, this targeting was political even though we said we do not want to drown in politics and we came to work on the country’s accumulated files, and we have large and heavy missions aimed at saving the homeland.

He added: “People are supposed to touch within days, a noticeable decline in food prices, and a gradual return to the economic cycle after we allowed the opening of a large number of institutions in order to preserve the permanence of work for workers and owners of institutions.”

He continued: “We understand the cry of the citizen who feels the impact of the social situation, but the fear is that there will be attempts to employ this cry in politics, and turn the people’s demands and concerns into a way that causes again to return to cutting roads and cutting the country’s connections, closing institutions and disrupting people’s actions and thus dismissing employees and workers.”

He said: “We are with the right to demonstrate, but this right turns into chaos if the method of blocking roads and vandalizing public and private property is returned. I do not think that any of the Lebanese people accepts these practices that do not resemble the democratic expression. ”


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