Two years after the arrest of Yemeni journalist Marwan Al-Mursi in Saudi Arabia


Two years after the arrest of Yemeni journalist Marwan Al-Mursi in Saudi Arabia

He was not allowed to attend the burial of his child (Twitter)

June 1

Two years ago, the Saudi authorities arrested Yemeni journalist Marwan Al-Marisi without charge. Al-Mursi security forces arrested him after he was discharged from a hospital in the capital, Riyadh, where his child was receiving treatment on June 1, 2018.The Saudi authorities continued to hide the fate of al-Marisi, until Reporters Without Borders announced in May last year that his family had received from him his first few minutes of phone calls to learn that he was still alive.

But two years after his imprisonment, his fate remains unknown, while activists talk about his presence in al-Ha’ir prison in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. And in early January, Saudi authorities prevented Al-Marisi from attending the burial of his deceased child after his health deteriorated.

Despite the constant calls made by international organizations to reveal his fate and release him, the Saudi authorities have not listened to these demands. Al-Mureisi did not register his interest in any political activity before, and his activity remained present in his field of work related to digital media, e-marketing, advertising and religious advocacy, in addition to providing courses in human development and motivation.
Today, on the second anniversary of his disappearance, Yemeni and Saudi activists on social media called on the Saudi authorities to release him quickly. Activists used the mark # Marwan Al-Meraisi, expressing their solidarity with him in the face of arbitrary detention without charge.

Al-Mursi moved from his country, Yemen, to Saudi Arabia in 2003, and started his career in the field of media. He worked in a number of media outlets, most notably Al-Majd and Al-Risala. And in 2014 he published a single book entitled “Laban Al Asfour”, which deals with the most prominent Arab tweets on the “Twitter” website.

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