Tunisia raises curfew after its success in controlling the Corona epidemic


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Tunisian President Qais Saeed decided to lift the curfew throughout the country starting next Monday, according to a statement by the Presidency.

And the official Tunisian news agency quoted what was stated in the presidential statement that Said’s decision came after he consulted the Speaker of Parliament and the government, following the results of positive results related to curbing the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

Accordingly, two presidential orders will end, one to prevent curfew throughout the entire Tunisian territory, and the other regarding gatherings outside the curfew times.

The director of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases in Tunisia, Nassaf Ben Alia, said on Monday that the passage of 5 days without registering cases of infection, neither foreign nor local, is evidence that this epidemic has already been controlled in the country, calling at the same time to the need to adhere to the procedures Preventive and healthy in the next stage.

Official statistics indicate that Tunisia recorded 1,087 cases of corona virus, while 982 cases recovered, in addition to 49 deaths.

Earlier, the Tunisian authorities announced the reopening of all land, sea and air borders on June 27th.

In a related context, the Tunisian national football team returned to its training activities, on Monday, amid preventive precautions.

Tunisia will resume its sporting activities, after stopping since last November, when it was planned to return in March, but the emergence of the epidemic in the country in the same month canceled the team’s plans.


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