The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Wednesday, 3 June 2020



Al Ain newsletter
settle down The price of the dollar against the Sudanese pound Today, Wednesday, in the informal (black) parallel market at 138 pounds, and the price of the dollar saw a movement on the screen Central Bank of Sudan Registered 55.32 pounds compared to 55 pounds yesterday, the same price in most banks and exchange companies operating in Sudan.

Rate jumped Inflation Annual rate in Sudan to 98.81% in April from 81.64 in March, due to higher food, beverage and fuel prices, according to statistics from the Statistics Authority earlier this week.

The Sudanese News Agency (SONA) attributed this to the high prices of all components of the food and beverage group, the most important of which is a reflection on the inflation rates of oils, fats, bread, grains, meat, legumes, milk, cheese, and sugar, in addition to the rise in the housing group due to the high prices of food gas, charcoal, fuelwood and the transportation group due to the rise in Fuel prices.

She pointed out that the rate of inflation in urban areas recorded 86.71% for the month of last April, while it was 66% last March.

The Sudanese authorities extended the closure of the country’s airports to passenger traffic until June 14 in response to the spread of the new Corona virus, according to an official source.

The price of the euro and sterling

And the price of the euro on banks ’screens during the trading today, 61.99 pounds for purchase, 61.54 for sale, while the price of the British pound recorded 69.62 for purchase, 69.05 for sale.

The price of the riyal, dirham and dinar

The price of the Saudi riyal reached 14.65 pounds for purchase, 14.73 for sale, and the UAE dirham recorded 15.06 pounds for purchase, 15.04 for sale, while the Kuwaiti dinar recorded 178.19 pounds for purchase, and 179.08 for sale.


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