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Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State “may God protect him”, and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs Today, the series of races of His Highness the President’s Cup for purebred Arabian horses in its twenty-seventh edition will be launched in the French Deauville track in support of the vision and approach of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, to raise the status of the purebred Arabian horse in all international circles, The Emirati French carnival includes 10 runs, including two halves for the Guinness and a run for the Cup of His Highness the President of the purebred Arab horses, whose date will be renewed with the participation of the strong and elite for the struggle for the precious title, at the opening of its stations that confirm its great position in the forefront of classic races in the world.

Precautionary measures

All horse races in France are subject to precautionary measures and preventive measures approved by the High Commission for French Horse Racing «France Gallup», to avoid the danger of the Corona epidemic, without mass attendance, and the presence of only coaches, riders and mites in the races, and competes for the title of His Highness the President The State for Arab Horses is a group of the strongest and best of the fast horses in the race which is held for a distance of 2000 m within the first category and is dedicated to foals and foals from the age of four years or more, and with a total prize pool of 100 thousand euros, Yas horses are prepared to manage horse races belonging to His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, for the inaugural location of the precious cup series, with the participation of the duo “Drian and Ibn Ghadeer”, the first led by the Knights Oortz Mendespleb and Emilian Revolt, respectively, and Drian previously won the lead 5 times, and resolved second, 3 times out of 11 participation in the races of the tracks European.


The eyes of horse racing enthusiasts around the world are turning towards the start of the «Emirates Guinness French Pony 2000 and 1000 foals» for the first category crosses, with a total of one million and 100,000 Euros, which is held under the auspices of His Highness the President’s Cup for purebred Arabian horses, for the fourth consecutive year in the tracks France is twice in Long Champ, Paris, and at Deauville, and the Emirates Guinness French is the opening of the classic and most expensive racing season in France, and has direct TV follow-up to more than 10 million viewers across different continents of the world, and the first French Guinness races date to 1883.

Emirati participation

The «Emirates Guinness French foals 2000» race will witness the participation of 9 horses in the struggle of the exciting challenge of the foals of the world, which will take place for a distance of 1600 m, at the age of three years and with prizes that are more expensive with a value of 600 thousand euros for the first category, on the Deauville racetrack, in one of the strongest confrontations of horse racing globally And the horses of the Emirates are represented by the dowry “Victor Laudorum” by Godolphin, and led by the French rider Michael Baarzalona, ​​and Victor aspires to achieve the achievement of his father “Shamardel” and win the title, and emphasize the strength of his children’s march with new achievements in global races, as there is in the list of candidates “Ellison Warrabaho”, Next to the champion of the preparatory half, “The Summit”, and 12 skilled women will participate in the race, “Emirates Guinness French 1000 foals”, which takes place for a distance of 1600 m for the first category, with a prize value of 500 thousand euros, and the women candidates for the title of skilled “Tropio”, the champion of the preparatory run, will also participate. Dream to Do, runner-up runners-up, as well as skilled Tickle Me Green, daughter of The Moon.

Joint coordination

Matar Suhail Al-Yahouni, head of the Supreme Committee organizing the series of the Races of His Highness the President’s Cup for purebred Arabian horses, said: After joint coordination with the Supreme Authority for Horse Racing in France and follow-up to the extent of adherence to the precautionary measures and preventive safety measures applied in horse races due to the implications of the Corona crisis, and after evaluating the experience and its success And, based on our international commitment with all parties, it was decided that the twenty-seventh edition of the French Cup and Emirates Guinness will be held with the participation of the Arab and international elite horses, to emphasize the UAE’s message and its continuous support to the global horse racing sector in the current circumstances.

Safety rules

For his part, Faisal Al Rahmani, Advisor to the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, General Supervisor of the Racing Series, praised the controls, safety rules and precautionary procedures followed in the French horse races, which provided the opportunity to continue organizing the President’s Cup for Arab Horses this year, indicating that the French station represents the elite of racing in the world and enrich our career with great gains. And an important task, explaining that the participation of the elite horses of the Arab world and the world in the dear cup and Emirates Guinness French races is the best evidence of the place and importance of the annual event in the map of international horse races, stressing the keenness of the organizing committee and its commitment to the international horse family.



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