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The Ministry of Health announced that (1881) new confirmed cases of the new Corona virus (COVID-19) were registered today, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to (87142) cases, and among these cases there are (22311) active cases that are still receiving medical care for their health conditions And most of them have a reassuring health condition, of which (461) are critical, and the rest are reassuring, as 1864 new cases of recovery were recorded, bringing the number of those recovering, praise be to (64,306) cases.She explained that the recorded cases, which numbered (1881), 37% of cases belong to Saudis, 63% for non-Saudis, 28% of cases for females, and 72% for males, while the percentage of elderly in recorded cases today was 4%, children 11%, and adults 85%.

It stated that the new cases that were recorded were distributed in a number of cities, namely: Riyadh (668) cases, Jeddah (293) cases, Dammam (290) cases, Mecca (164) cases, Jubail (62) cases, and Hofuf (39) cases, Al-Muzahmiyah (27) cases, Al-Qatif (22) cases, Khulais (21) cases, Al-Kharj (20) cases, Madinah (19) cases, Hail (19) cases, Al-Taif (17) cases, and Dhahran (14) cases, and facts Al-Jamsh (13) cases, Al-Khobar (11) cases, Wadi Al-Dawasir (11) cases, Abha (10) cases, Safwa (10) cases, Tabuk (9) cases, Najran (8) cases, Bisha (7) cases, Afif (7) cases, Hotat Bani Tamim (7) cases, Buraida (6) cases, Hafar Al-Batin (6) cases, Juniper (6) cases, Sharurah (5) cases, Dhurma (5) cases, and Huraymila (5) cases , Al-Majrada (4) cases, Mahayil Asir (4) cases, Ras Tanura (4) cases, Bish (4) cases, Al-Kamil (4) cases, Al-Majma’a (4) cases, Al-Rayn (4) cases, and Al Namas (3) cases , Khamis Mushait (3) cases, Al-Khafji (3) cases, Al-Batha (3) cases, Laila (3) cases, Al-Sulayyil (3) cases, Al-Zulfi (3) cases, Nimrah two cases, Al-Sahn two cases, and Balsamer two cases, and the brightest two cases , And Jizan Two cases, Al-Khazra, two cases, Al-Quwayya, two cases, Hotat Sudair, two cases, and Ruwaidat Al-Ard, two cases, and one case in each of Al-Jafr, Al-Ayoun, and Al-Quoz, and one of Rufaida, Al-Bayer, Al-Nairiya, Al-Ghazaleh, Al-Shamali, Al-Hareth, Al-Eidabi, Edma, Al-Artawiya, and Al-Bejadyah.

The number of deaths reached (525) cases with the addition of (22) cases in Makkah, Jeddah, Dammam, Tabuk, and Al-Sulayl, between the ages of 42 and 93, and most of them suffer from chronic diseases, with a recovery rate of 74% and a death rate of 0.6. %.

She pointed out that the total number of confirmed cases with the new corona virus (COVID -19) around the world reached (6193548) cases and the number of recovered and recovered cases reached (2656267) cases so far, and the number of deaths reached (372479) cases.

With regard to laboratory tests in the Kingdom, new tests were added with (15854) new tests, bringing the total number of confirmatory laboratory tests for this virus so far to (838,623) tests.

She called on everyone to take care to wash hands with soap and water, as it is the most important way to prevent corona virus, and every person when leaving the house is required to wear a muzzle, whether medical or fabric or a tight cover on the nose and mouth, with the exception of those who were alone in a closed place.

The recommendation also renewed for everyone who has symptoms or wants to evaluate the use of the self-evaluation service in applying an appointment, or inquiring or consulting the health call center number 937 around the clock, which is now closer to everyone than before so that it can benefit from its interactive services, from Through the application of WhatsApp through the number 920005937, take advantage of the new interactive services and access to health information and services, know the developments of the new Corona virus and primary care centers, and donate and obtain blood and appointments.


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