The Minister of Culture states that the “Laugh-Think-Know-Know” program includes international works


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She divorces Enas Abdel Dayem The Minister of Culture, theater program “Laugh – Think – Know”, which is implemented by the artistic theater of the theater, headed by the artist Ismail Mukhtar, Represented by the theater group, led by artist Sameh Bassioun, in cooperation with the National Theater Company, led by artist Ehab Fahmy.

He is inspired by a number of short stories by international Russian author Anton Chekhov, at nine thirty in the evening of Monday, June 8, on the channel of the Ministry of Culture in YouTube, where the great artist and director Jalal Al Sharqawi introduces Chekhov and sheds light on his method and style.

Abdel Dayem said that the launch of the theatrical program “Laugh – Think – Know” comes within the framework of plans to develop and enrich the activities of the electronic initiative “Culture in Your Hands”, and the program logo was chosen to reflect its content, which aims to stimulate awareness and increase knowledge by presenting international works in the creative manner The Egyptian.

“The richness of the idea comes from the participation of the greats and theater icons who commented on the theatrical works and analyzed their content, including Jalal Al-Sharqawi, Fahmi Al-Khouli, Essam Al-Sayed, Samir Al-Asfouri, Dr. Sana Shafi and other giants.”

For his part, the artist Sameh Bassiouni said that the “Laugh – Think – Know” program includes a group of theatrical performances inspired by Chekhov’s works, noting that the duration of one show ranges from 20 to 50 BC and is preceded by an explanation of the author’s global approach through one of the prominent Egyptian art symbols as It is followed by an analysis of the play and its aim.

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