The major merchants and importers were absent. The money changers did not appear


Yesterday, the exchange market tested its first experience after the money changers returned to work, and the implementation of the agreed plan began with the aim of gradually reducing the price of the dollar. Through this experience, it was possible to record the following observations, according to the “Republic”:First, the teller price announced in the morning was committed to 3950 for purchase and 4,000 pounds for sale.

Second, the buying and selling movement was not active, as is customary, and remained shy on its first day.
Third, unlawful purse cashiers did not appear in the streets as they used to do, and therefore no black market parallel to the official exchange market was registered.
Fourth, a quota has not been set for citizens to buy dollars, but money changers have asked for papers that prove the customer’s need to buy dollars. This means forcibly reducing demand for the dollar.
Fifth, the big traders and importers absent from the market yesterday, and did not ask to buy the dollar, which means that they are waiting for the success of the experiment and the dollar decline in the next two weeks, so that they can buy it at a price lower than the current offer price.

The Republic


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