The first response from Farouq Jaafar after his son’s contract with Zamalek was leaked


Farouk Jaafar, the former Zamalek player, responded to the press reports that revealed the value of his son Saif’s contract for the youth team of the white team, which reached 6 million pounds.

Jaafar said during his talk on the Zamalek channel: “I never interfered with the signature of Saif for Zamalek. On the contrary, his signature in 2018 coincided with a severe dispute between me and the chancellor, Mortada Mansour, the club’s president.”“.

He continued: “Saif Jaafar’s contract was as a professional and not a young player and the financial value placed on the item is obtained by Saif over 5 seasons and not in one season.“.

He added: “Saif is a good player and my diploma is wounded in it, but ask his coaches and you will know what he is offering from a technical level“.

He explained: “Saif waived 500 thousand pounds from his dues when he joined Smouha ranks, and the player gets 700 thousand pounds in the season and deducts taxes from them.“.

Farouk Jaafar ended his statements by stressing that the publication of Saif’s contract through social media sites was “detailed”, and intended, expressing his deep dissatisfaction with the incident.


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