The first Panasonic wireless earpiece competes with AirPods Pro


The first wireless earphones from Panasonic compete with AirPods Pro


I became Wireless earpiece from Panasonic It is finally available for purchase (Panasonic RZ-S500W), after months of first talking about it in (CES 2020), as it is considered a less expensive alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro with the growing popularity of the wireless earpiece.
Similar to the AirPods Pro, the Panasonic RZ-S500W comes with an active noise cancellation feature, and Panasonic says it offers a hybrid dual noise cancellation technology, and this technology reduces the noise generated inside and outside the ear, leading to noise cancellation performance The best in its class, according to the company.
The headset is priced at $ 199, which makes it cheaper than many competitors, and the user can allow the surrounding sound to pass through the speaker when it needs to hear what’s going on around it, similar to (AirPods Pro), and Panasonic says: You can simply click the touch sensor to switch between canceling Noise and ambient sound.
This touch sensor can also be used to activate the voice assistant of your choice, whether you prefer the Apple Assistant (Siri) or the Google Assistant, and Panasonic says: Amazon Assistant support will come in the next few months.
In addition to implementing the noise canceling feature on music, the new wireless earpiece blocks surrounding noise within phone calls with a built-in microphone, and according to the company, the microphone reduces wind noise and other interference while improving noise cancellation performance and call quality.

The headset comes with a battery life of six and a half hours of continuous operation with the noise canceling feature turned on, while the charging case provides another 13 hours, and the speaker is equipped with a water resistance standard (IPX4), along with a unique antenna design that says Panasonic: It provides a reliable connection Its even when using bluetooth in a crowded area.


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