The departure of the Syrian actress and singer Hayam Tohmeh – thought and art – east and west


Yesterday, Syrian actress Hayam Tohme died at the age of 58 after a struggle with cancer at a hospital in the Netherlands.

According to the technical journal “Laha”, Hayam Tohmeh was born on August 18, 1961 in Aleppo, and graduated from the Teachers’ House in Syria, and obtained a higher degree in education and child psychology from Paris and worked in teaching.

Tohme is a Syrian actress and singer, who presented many artworks, whether in the cinema or television.

She participated with Dureid Lahham in the play “Cask Ya Watan” and she went on to sing, as she acted in the cinema in many Egyptian films, including “Strange in the Port”, “She and the Giant”, “His Sayings” and “Watch out, husbands”, And “A Very Naughty Family.”



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