The decision to open the airport this month was taken … and general mobilization continues


The Supreme Council of Defense was invited to the meeting before tomorrow, Thursday, in Baabda Palace, a few hours before the cabinet session that will take place the day after the last day of the extended deadline for public mobilization that ends today.
Sources familiar with the expected arrangements of the “republic” said that the research will deal with extending the state of public mobilization for at least two weeks, with the favorable conditions that harmonize between health and epidemiological needs on the one hand, and economic reasons on the other hand, because harmony is required between the requirements of the two cases and what each of them imposes Terms and rules.The sources pointed out that a preliminary decision was taken to open Beirut International Airport on the 28th of this month in front of the two-way navigation movement, coinciding with the return of the movement to most international airports in more than one continent, with the need to take the measures imposed by the general mobilization adopted in the world, in line with The dangers arising from the transfer process between countries, after the adoption of new conditions for the movement of traffic between countries.

In the newspaper’s information, the Defense Council will approach many of the economic steps that must be taken, especially those that provide the minimum level of confrontation that the government is engaged in regarding price volatility and monopoly control in more than one sector, as well as with regard to stopping smuggling. The previous measures have not led to their goal to this day, especially at the level of stopping smuggling, and they must be reviewed at more than one security, economic and administrative level.

And on the possibility of opening the airport on the 21st of this month, Al-Gomhoria learned that the technical committee will meet late this week to suggest the possibility of going to a fourth period of Lebanese return so that the time period will not be long from now until 21 of this month, and there is a possibility to organize some return trips during this Duration.


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