The closure of a mosque in Saudi Arabia after the imam was suspected of having a “corona” – Ernews


Saudi Arabia closed a mosque in the eastern city of Dammam, and began sterilization and cutting procedures after a suspected imam of the mosque infected with the new Corona virus, in the first step of its kind after the opening of the mosques in front of the worshipers early this week.

Local reports stated that the imam of the mosque, located in the Badr neighborhood in Dammam, felt the symptoms of the Corona virus, and informed the worshipers via an audio message sent to them through the “WhatsApp” application, as well as informing him of the branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in the eastern region, which closed the mosque.

The director of the mosque administration in Dammam, Ahmed Al-Muhashir, said that the mosque was closed and the imam was arrested on suspicion of infection with the virus, in addition to stopping the mosque’s muezzin precaution until the results of the imam examination appeared, and the mosque began to be sterilized.

Al-Muhashir indicated in press statements that the mosque will open its doors during the coming period after the completion of its sterilization and communication with the Ministry of Health for the epidemiological investigation, indicating that any mosque that will monitor a case of suspicion from its employees or from worshipers will work according to these same precautionary measures.

Residents in the city of Dammam expressed their fears of news of the imam’s injury, which may have repercussions to impose further precautions in the neighborhood in which the mosque is located, including the possibility of closing the neighborhood and preventing entry and exit from it.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia opened its 100,000 mosques to worshipers after nearly two and a half months of closure due to fears of the spread of the virus, and imposed precautionary measures on prayer in mosques, such as the distance between worshipers and the wearing of a muzzle, as part of a plan to gradually return to normal life.

The country where about 33 million people live, has recorded more than 91,000 HIV infections so far, more than 68,000 have recovered, and 579 have died.


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