The battle of “Corona” brings together opponents Maduro and Guaido to fight the virus – Politics – News


The Venezuelan government and the opposition announced Tuesday that President Nicolas Maduro has agreed with opposition leader Juan Guaido to coordinate efforts to provide financial resources to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus, which is emerging in their country, with the support of the Pan American Health Organization.

According to an official document read on state television, Minister of Information Jorge Rodriguez said that the two sides agreed to coordinate with each other to secure financial resources with the support of the Pan American Health Organization to strengthen Venezuela’s ability to deal with the emerging Corona virus.

The Guaido camp confirmed in a statement, “Signing a technical cooperation plan to deal with the humanitarian crisis caused by the Corona virus.”

A spokesperson for the Pan American Health Organization confirmed to AFP that the agreement was concluded without giving details, saying only that “the Pan American Health Organization is taking steps to support its implementation.”

The agreement was signed by Venezuelan Minister of Health Carlos Alvarado and Julio Castro, a delegate from Parliament, in addition to a representative of the Pan American Health Organization.

According to the text read by the Minister of Communications, “The two parties propose to work in a coordinated manner, under the coordination and support of the Pan American Health Organization, in the search for financial resources that will contribute to enhancing the country’s capabilities to respond” to the epidemic.

The agreement signed on Monday in Caracas provides for “priority” measures to combat the epidemic, including detection of active cases of Covid-19, epidemic alert and timely treatment of the injured.

The details of the agreement were not immediately clear, but the Guaido camp cited in its statement indications that the money raised to fight the epidemic would not go to the Maduro government but would be received by the Pan American Health Organization and other international organizations.




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