Steps to lighten the skin by makeup


If you have tried many skin-lightening products without getting fast and effective results, and you are looking for an alternative that makes your skin more light, bright and glowing, then makeup is the perfect solution for you, where in a few steps you can enjoy a light skin, pure, and free from impurities.
In this article, we will give you the most prominent Steps to lighten the skin by makeup.

Use a transparent mineral powder

Skin lightening with makeup

Often times, leads Use face powder With heavy formula, to make the skin look dark and oily. Therefore, always choose a transparent and light metallic powder, it helps to adjust makeup and lighten the skin and prevent fading of its color, giving you a brighter look. Make sure to use a powder lighter than your foundation.

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Avoid smoky makeup

How to lighten skin with makeup
How to lighten skin with makeup

Smoky make-up sometimes prevents fair skin, and it appears darker. Therefore, choose instead Natural eye makeupUsing light and subtle tones, it makes your skin look lighter, and gives your eyes radiance and vitality. For example, choose a light pink eye shadow, which gives you a naturally lighter complexion.

Hide dark spots

Hide annoying spots
Hide annoying spots

It is normal for dark spots to reflect negatively on the appearance of the skin, so it looks darker and duller. Thus, put a few concealers on areas of the face that suffer from pigmentation, and distribute it evenly, and make sure not to be thick, and make sure to mix the concealer well with the rest Foundation preparations, With the aim of obtaining a smooth, flawless touch. Also, look for the types of concealer rich in vitamin E, c and niacinamide, ingredients that block the production of melanin and lighten


Using a highlighter

Light skin by makeup
Light skin by makeup

Highlighting the cheekbones with the highlighter makes the skin look lighter, brighter and more radiant. And for your skin to look lighter than its natural color, choose natural highlighter shades, so your skin looks naturally light. On the other hand, avoid using contouring technology, as it makes your skin appear darker.

Use the right foundation

The foundation is the foundation of your makeup, so if you want Skin lightening by makeupChoose the foundation in a lighter skin tone, mix it well and spread it evenly across your face and neck, giving you the desired result in a lighter, more radiant complexion.

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