Some EA Games Steam and EA Access are coming soon to the platform !!


We publish to you through our “touch news” details of some EA games, Steam and EA Access are coming soon to the platform !! Where

EA and its games seem to be officially coming to Steam with EA Access as well, after they’ve had PS4 and Xbox One before, let’s get to know the details …

Without prior notice, the players spotted some EA games are on Steam today That list included Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Dragon Age Inquisition, along with Need For Speed ​​Heat and Unravel 2, meaning that EA is preparing to bring its popular games to Steam lastly, but that’s not all, there is a page on Steam that says EA Access is coming Very close to the platform and this is very good news for Steam lovers!

The idea of ​​EA Access is that its subscribers get discounts and discounts on the most famous EA games as well as they get the latest games much sooner than the rest of the platforms and before its release. Restricted to EA’s Origin Store only until the service also arrived for the PS4 some time ago with Xbox One and it appears that it is also coming for Steam, which means the company’s games finally come to the platform after an absence.

So we can expect the Battlefield, The Sims, FIFA games, and the good ones to come soon According to Jeff Grub Steam aims for one game and wants to come to his platform by all means and of course it is Apex Legends ..!

Generally, the new transition date will be announced soon, and according to Jeff, this announcement may be within the provisions of EA Play 2020 on June 11, but we will see.

Share your opinion on this decision, will we see Apex Legends on Steam soon? !!

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