Scientists discover new facts about the larger Mars moon, Phobos .. Know the details


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, astronomers from the SETI Institute used a orbit slightly away from the second moon of Mars, Deimos, to confirm the cycle of the moon’s Phobos cycle.

Deimos orbits Mars on a slight tilt, and the team says this may be due to interference from a planetary link in the relatively recent past.

Researchers say, Phobos was last repaired from a ring of rubble 200 million years ago, and a ring theory was proposed to the moon for the first time in 2017, indicating a large asteroid colliding with the red planet, sending debris into the space that formed a ring, which in turn formed In groups of rocks and became more stable as the moon Phobos.

The researchers suggested, that Phobos would have been much larger than it is today, up to 20 times larger than the moon currently orbiting the red planet.

The new study examined the orbit of Deimos and found it matches what they expect if Mars has a annular system.

The study authors say they expect the same process to repeat when Phobos is close enough to Mars to be torn apart by tidal forces.

The moon is located about seven hours and 39 minutes from the Red Planet and is already approaching 0.7 inches annually.

There is a point over the planet, where the tidal forces will take over and Phobos will not be able to survive as a solid object, this is the time when it will tear apart into pieces and become a new link around a red planet.

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