Reports .. Saudi youth allocates $ 3 million to contract with Azzaro


Saudi press reports revealed that the Saudi Youth Club allocated $ 3 million in the framework of its ambition to sign the Moroccan striker Walid Azaru, the Al-Ahly player and loaned to the ranks of the agreement for the end of the current season, and the electronic newspaper “Saudi Sport” reported that the youth allocated $ 3 million for Get the services of Al-Ahly striker, who is also seeking to join Al-Wasl club in the Emirates League.

The newspaper indicated that the youth team had previously tried to negotiate with Azzaro, but rejected the first offer, to return again to raise the material offer.

This comes at a time when Al-Ahly club officials are trying to persuade Walid Azaru to extend his contract that ends with the Red Team by the end of the next season, and Al-Ahly has been tempted to raise his salary from 800,000 dollars to one million and 200,000 dollars annually, the same salary as the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, who holds the highest contract in the team.

This came in order to persuade Azzaro to agree to the extension, and thus commends the Al-Ahly administration to extend his loan or sell it with a large sum of money, especially as the Swiss Rene Vyler refuses to continue in the new season because of the differences between them.

It is worth mentioning, Swiss Rene Vyler, the technical director of Al-Ahly Club, has refused to keep the Moroccan Walid Azzaro after he took charge at the beginning of the current season so that the player was loaned last January to the Saudi agreement.

Azaro signed for Al-Ahly 4 years in June 2017 after Al-Ahly agreed with the new Moroccan defense to buy the player for one million and 300 thousand dollars.


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